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When you receive your berry bouquet, there are a few simple steps the berries and fruit would like you to do to ensure that they remain optimally fresh when you decide to eat them!

  1. The berries and fruit would like you to keep them in a cool place. They particularly prefer the household fridge. Naked berries donít like it when its too warm - warm berries and fruit just don't cut the mustard! This is simply because we don't use perservatives or additives - so as you'd expect from a completely natural product, they must be kept cool at all times to keep them fresh and tasty.

  2. The berries and fruit would prefer you to consume them on the day they are delivered. They have promised to be at their tastiest then.

  3. If you wish to keep any of the berries and fruit over night, simply take them off their stems and place them into an air tight container. You can then store this in the fridge. Remember cool berries are delicious berries!

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