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Naked berry bouquets are so fresh, healthy and present such a WOW factor that they make the ideal centrepiece for any event. So if you want to make your guest's heads turn, make sure you include a naked berry bouquet at your next function.

Functions which are ideal for naked berry bouquets include:

* Birthday cake - give your love ones a spectacular birthday with a gorgeous looking, anitoxidant packed berry bouquet. The kids especially love these - just watch them devour the fruits like never before!

* Wedding function centre pieces - show your wedding guests something special at your wedding. Not only will they be dazzled by the beauty of the arrangment - they'll love the freshness and sweetness of the fruits as well.

* Corporate event centre pieces - Want something which will get noticed? Naked berry bouquets are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression at your next coporate event.

* Corporate gifts - rather than present the same old - same old, give the unique and healthy gift of a berry bouquet!

* Wedding anniversary - forget the flowers and chocolate! Surprise your partner with a fresh and gorgeous berry bouquet.

* Thank you's - berry bouquets make the ideal show of appreciation! Unique, healthy & special!

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