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You are looking through the catalogue and you maybe thinking, "...gorgeous looking berry bouquets...they'd make a great present for so and so...but what if it doesn't arrive on the correct day,...or what if it doesn't arrive in good shape,...or what if it just isn't fresh fruits."

Well you can stop worrying and place your order in peace. We know and understand that the special occassions for your loved ones are VERY important and therefore we want to make sure that they feel extra extra special because of your gift. Your Naked Berry purchase is backed by the following no nonsense guarantees:

1. Correct Day Delivery Guarantee
Your berry bouquet will be delivered on the day you requested (provided you order your bouquet at least 24 hours beforehand). If we misplace your order and forget to deliver your bouquet on the correct day, we will deliver it ASAP and we will refund you 100% of your money - no questions asked.

2. Safe Delivery Guarantee
Your berry bouquet will arrive at the recipient safely and in good shape. If for any reason your berry bouquet is damaged in transit, we will send out a replacement bouquet - no questions asked.

3. Freshness Guarantee
At Naked Berry, we are so confident in the freshness of our berry bouquets that we guarantee it. Naked Berry promises that if you are not satisfied with the freshness of any of Naked Berry's gorgeous bouquets, we'll happily replace it with another or refund your money - no questions asked.

So when you purchase from Naked Berry, you can do so with full confidence. If your bouquet is not delivered on the correct day, if it is not delivered safely or you are not satisfied with the freshness, simply get on the banana phone (0433 388 533) immediately!!!

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