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Our humble beginnings started when we were invited to a friend's daughter's birthday picnic party. We wanted to bring something along, other than the usual biscuits and potato chips - something which wasn't going to fuel the health problems of today.

Recalling an idea we had seen in the trip to the U.S., we painstakingly tried to make a bouquet out of fresh fruits. It wasn't a very good first attempt. But when we brought it along to the picnic in Bicentinnel Park in Sydney, we were amazed at the heads which turned and the stares that it received. It was then that we knew this was going to be a hit.

Since that time, we spent many many long months creating and mastering the berry bouquets, testing them on friends. Only the best were selected for release to the public.

Naked berry was launched in Sydney, Australia in 2006. We specialise in creating the most creative and gorgeous berry bouquets, filled with fresh, healthy, antioxidant packed fruits. Fruits such as fresh strawberries, sweet honeydews, juicy rockmelons, sweet pineapples and mouth watering watermelon.

Berry bouquets are made fresh to order, carefully crafted to ensure that smiles are brought to the recipients. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit any occassion, such as birthdays, congratulations, thank you's and corporate gifts. Your berry bouquet comes gift wrapped in food grade wrapping along with a personalised message on a complementary card.

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